Exceptional Camana Bay Accommodations

Looking to vacation on Grand Cayman Island? Camana Bay is an excellent get away spot for couples and families. It is located on the West Bay of beautiful Grand Cayman Island. The main thoroughfare through Camana Bay is Esterley Tibbetts Highway which runs along the beach. On this highway you will find some of the finest Hotel and Resorts. Several excellent accommodation choices are listed below from North to South:

Kimpton Seafire Resort and Spa, a Dart resort
-Westin Grand Cayman
-Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman
-Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort
-Comfort Suites Seven Mile Beach Resort

All five hotels are on the beach near the Seven Mile Beach Area, and are less than 6 miles from the Owen Roberts International Airport. This area includes family friendly attractions as well as beautiful golf courses. Here are some highlights of each of the hotels above.

Kimpton Seafire Resort and Spa is the northern most hotel and includes a pool, spa, fitness center, restaurants, and rooms and suites with balconies or ocean views.

Westin Grand Cayman is undergoing renovations scheduled to be complete August 2017, but is well worth any inconvenience because of its outstanding amenities. The accommodations are graceful and well designed. The resort amenities include a beach house restaurant, pool, fitness studio, and spa just to name a few.

Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman is possibly the most luxurious of the area Resorts. It includes rooms and suites with ocean, garden, or resort views. This resort truly has something for everyone including 5 restaurants, business center, spa, fitness center, 2 pools, oceanfront Jacuzzi, and waterpark for families, basketball court, and golf course.

Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort is another elegant choice that has been recently renovated. It has exceptional accommodations with ocean and courtyard views. It also includes a spa, fitness center, pool, and 4 restaurants.

Comfort Suites Seven Mile Beach Resort is probably the most budget friendly of these hotels, but is also an outstanding choice. It has indoor corridors, guest laundry, business center, pool, whirlpool/hot tub, gift shop, and lounge/bar. This resort offers extra such as free full breakfast, free Wi-Fi, a babysitting service, and currency exchange. Of these Resorts, this is the closest to the airport.

You will not be disappointed with any of these choices, but some may offer more suitable amenities for your family than others. We look forward to seeing you on The Island!

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Skyscrapers in the New York City Area to Visit

When it comes to being labeled a metropolis, New York City is one of the first municipalities that come to mind. “The Big Apple” has well over 8 million inhabitants, and these inhabitants mainly live within the famous five boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island and the Bronx. This is the largest city in the United States, and it is one of the top financial powerhouses in the world. New York City offers fine dining, high-end shopping, professional sports, parks, gardens, exclusive neighborhoods and many more. One of the major features that helps this city stand out is its wide array of tall buildings. Skyscrapers in New York City can extend as high as 100-stories and possess some of the most eclectic architecture. Here are some of the most famous standing structures in the NYC.

Top Tourist Skyscrapers

First and foremost, Tony Malkin’s Empire State Building is an icon as it is one of the city’s most famous skyscrapers. Sitting in the middle of Manhattan, this building has 102-floors, it was once the tallest building in the world for over 40 years, and it is known as the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” Its sky-high observatory is very popular as it provides a panoramic view of the city. Just about every celebrity has visited this place including Actor Adrian Grenier, R&B Vocalist Ashanti, Television Personality Bear Grylls and the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team.

The G.E. Building is another heavy weight as this building is 70-stories high. Every inch of the building screams prestige thanks to its sleek black appearance and art deco design. This is the home of Rockefeller Center, and it’s a major media hub. Since 1933, it has been the home of NBC Studios. Some of the most popular news programming has been filmed here such as Saturday Night Live, the Tonight Show and NBC Nightly News. Actor Alec Baldwin, News Anchor Tom Brokaw and Kathie Lee Guilford have all made many appearances here.

One World Trade Center is by far one of the most beautiful buildings of all-time. This skyscraper was built in memorandum of the former World Trade Towers. One World Trade Center is the tallest building in the nation as well as the tallest in the Western Hemisphere. Located in Lower Manhattan, it stands at a estimated 1,792 feet, and it has up to 104-floors. The skyscraper is brilliantly designed with its futuristic appearance and many of today’s most famous faces have paid a visit. This includes Media Entrepreneur Oprah Winfrey, President Donald Trump, Pop Singer Ariana Grande and a host of professional athletes.

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The Advantages of Natural Gas

Natural Gas is formed by a chemical reaction of dead plants and animals buried over thousands of years. The “intense heat and pressure” of those buried plants and animals “leads to the creation of natural gas.” (www.studentenergy.org). The advantages of natural gas will help bring more convenience in the world because of its benefits. Natural gas can be produced in two different ways. Conventional gas is collected from traditional drilling and pumping methods in the earth. Renewable Natural Gas is a biogas taken from biomass according to Wikipedia. Consumers who receive renewable natural gas gets the convenience of using a gas grid. This method is cost-effective and is high quality.

Natural Gas can be used in multiple ways. One way is heat and light energy. Many people around the world enjoy the luxury of heat and electricity. For millions of years, the fire was a form of heat. They used fire in lanterns and sticks with a cloth to create electricity or for heating purposes. As technology advanced, heat and electricity became a luxury to have in homes and offices. It is convenient to use a switch to turn a light on and off instead of starting a fire. It is easier to read, complete tasks, etc. when lighting is available during evening and night times.

Natural gas is also used in vehicles as fuel. People who live in rural and suburban communities find it hard to get around or take care of business without fuel in their vehicle. The world is currently transitioning to using more renewable methods of natural gas and energy in the 21st century. According to the Alternative Fuels Data Center website, in 2015, the U.S. “imported approximately 9.4 million barrels of petroleum per day.” (www.afdc.energy.gov). Using natural gas has been one of the best alternatives for the U.S.

Natural gas vehicles (NGVs) has helped save the use of energy. Any energy not used can be stored for larger vehicles. Newer vehicle must follow protocols for effective, lower emissions. Another advantage of renewable natural gas is the reduction of foul odors and it “produces nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer.” (www.afdc.energy.gov). Natural gas offers much more advantages for heat, fuel and electricity needs. The world is becoming more aware of clean energy. A system has been set in place for consumers to convert gas and diesel cars into natural gas vehicles. Research natural gas to learn more about the advantages.

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How Urban Real Estate Development Is Helping NYC Neighborhoods

The real estate platform is no doubt transforming the urban areas of New York City into breathtaking neighborhoods. Some few years ago, some neighborhoods in New York City were havens for drug trafficking, murder, and home to some of the most poverty-stricken individuals in New York. However, thanks to real estate development companies such as Joe Sitt’s Thor Equities, Spandrel Development, and Forester City Partner, the overall appearance of New York City has considerably changed.
Spandrel Development is involved in the development of residential and resort properties, while Forester City Partner is involved in the development of residential and industrial properties most commonly the transportation sector in the city. Some neighborhoods which were once poverty-stricken and drug infested have now being transformed into modern vicinities with beautiful apartments surrounded by lots of green spaces. In the long run, the quality of life of New York City residents has improved drastically.

Another positive impact that has been witnessed by the sprouting of real estate developments in the New York has been the fact that the tax incentive of the city has increased. With increased taxes, the overall livelihood of the New York residents has improved. For instance, better policing, improvement of infrastructure, better schools, and hospitals have all been made possible thanks to the development put up by the real estate agents.

Urban areas which were once termed as hotspots for drug traffickers and other petty crimes have been transformed into bustling streetscapes with rollicking nightclubs, quaint restaurants, and high-end boutiques. A perfect example can be seen in the Lower East Side and the Bronx.

Life in New York City has changed thanks to the vibrant nature of the city. For instance, more parks, concert halls, and movie theatres have been developed. Thanks to these facilities, more residents have had better choices to make when it comes to buying or renting condominiums, apartments, and modern townhouses.

Thanks to real estate development firms, empty nesters have decreased, and Millennials have had the opportunity to enjoy a more urbanized life coupled up by convenience and security. Apart from this, real estate developers have ensured that the people who live in these areas can easily access basic amenities and luxuries while at the same time carrying out their activities smoothly.

Various celebrities have made New York City their home and point of investment. Some of these celebrities are such as Bruce Willis, Mike Meyers, Bon Jovi, Jay Z, and 50 Cent. These celebrities have invested largely in the city, and it is not difficult to see why.

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The hunt for new Maryland windows

The time will eventually come when you are in the hunt for new windows within your home. When you are shopping for new windows especially in Maryland you need to take the job of finding suitable windows very seriously.

When shopping for windows in Maryland there are some important factors you must take into consideration. For example, you must consider the climate and weather conditions throughout the year within the state of Maryland.

It is important to keep in mind the changing weather conditions in Maryland before you make that final window purchase. You will have to contend with summer heat and humidity, damp and cool days in the fall as well as snow and sleet within the cold months of winter. Therefore, you may wish to choose windows that can weather changing seasons.

Some homeowners use the “Energy Star Rating Scale” to help them make a sensible choice when it comes to researching Thompson Creek window complaints. The Energy Star Rating Scale boils down to understanding energy efficiency.

Maryland is located within the North Central Zone. Therefore, the following should be considered:

*Maryland has Mild winters compared to the Northern Zone.
*Much less Humidity to deal with in summer.
*No major or dangerous storms to contend with.

Based on a fair and accurate assessment of weather conditions in Maryland it would be fair to say that an all-purpose type window would be suitable for the yearly climate within the Maryland area.

All-purpose windows provide insulation for cold winter days. In addition, windows of this kind also provide adequate protection from heat and humidity. Something called a U Factor is used to measure a windows insulating capabilities.

*The “U” Factor/ Price:

The U factor theory was designed by the Energy Star Rating Scale”. The U Factor has been extremely helpful in helping homeowners within the state of Maryland choose appropriate replacement windows for their home.

Possibly the most challenging task when purchasing new or replacement windows in Maryland is locating the right supplier or manufacturer. Once you figure out the kind of windows you wish to purchase the next task is to find someone who will sell the windows at a reasonable price.

*Window Manufacturers/ Maryland:

The Thomas Creek Window Company is located in Beltsville MD. Thomas Creek is one of the largest manufacturer of custom windows located within the Prince George’s County area. The company has a large selection of replacement windows that will actually help homeowners save on utility bills. Thomas Creek is offering special financing options to new customers.

Champion Window Company is located in Baltimore MD. Champion can literally transform the appearance of your home with new energy efficient replacement windows. The company offers prompt service with competitive prices. All work is guaranteed.

Therefore, price comparison is the final step before you make the decision on whom to purchase your new windows from. Some companies may work out a good deal. Other companies may have set prices for windows and installation and may not be willing to give the customer a break. Ultimately the homeowner makes the decision on what they are willing to pay for new windows.

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Signs You Have to Update Your Windows in Maryland

When you’re in need of good window repair and are looking for only the best in your area, it’s best to go with a company that is not only local but also knowledgeable in the types of weather that effects your weather in each season. Just a few of the most notable thompson creek window complaints and replacement companies in your area might include John Betz, a top rated window repair company by Home Advisor, located in Silver Spring, MD. Another fantastic choice for your repair needs would be J Bryan Remodeling, LLC, which is located near Rockville, MD. Taking the time to look into some of these companies, you will find that their policies may differ slightly, but you are highly likely to find someone whose policy is in line with your best needs.

The reasons vary for why it’s important to replace your windows when it comes time, rather than just sealing up the edges with caulk every other year. It’s easy to see why the call of convenience would be tempting, when you can just get a sealant at the store down the street, why would you want to invest in the time and energy to replace? But when you’re seeking efficiency and quality over convenience and simplicity, only the best will do for your family’s dream home. Instead of having to patch things up when the colder seasons come, it’s wise to invest in a type of weather proofed window that will require little to no maintenance from the get-go. Getting to the heart of the issue instead of patching it up will be the most cost effective way to go about things in the long run.

Energy efficient windows don’t have to cost an arm and a leg but when you’re shopping for something that will last, that little extra charge is nothing for what could be prevented in the future. Since window repair companies, such as WindowPro, Inc, are just a phone call away with competitive hours and rates to work with, there’s nothing stopping you from setting up a time that works for you and your schedule. Many companies will even offer a free or low cost evaluation, in order to help you figure out why your energy bill spikes so much in certain months versus others. While it’s true that more power is used in the winter for heating, for example, it doesn’t hurt to try and figure out if there is a few hundred dollars you could be saving a year in energy costs.

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New Global Venture in the Energy Sector

Business mogul and oil executive Miguel Galuccio is teaming up with Riverstone Holdings Ltd., the largest private energy focused equity firm, to attract and work with other large investors and sovereign-wealth funds to take advantage of opportunities in energy investments on a global scale

Riverstone Holdings is already involved in the rapidly growing energy market in Mexico.

Pierre Lapeyre and David Leuschen, the men behind Riverstone Holdings Ltd., have amassed more than 34 Billion dollars in the last decade and a half to provide growth investment in several power and energy corporations including nine private funds. Miguel Galuccio has returned to Schlumberger Ltd., where he once employed, to serve as a member of the board. Schlumberger LTD. is excited to have his 20- plus years of experience that touches all five continents. 134

Mexico is moving strongly in the field of energy reform. Pemex, also known as Petroleos Mexicanos, has relinquished their almost total control of the energy market they’ve had for the last 75 years allowing for gas and oil reserves to use new technological advances from around the world that will better develop the capabilities to bring more oil and gas at a cheaper price.

Galuccio is familiar with doing business in south America having been the chief executive for YPF SA in Argentina. There he made great strides in refining the entire process of getting oil from shale and then out to the market. He did this by closely and personally working with the Dow Chemical Corp., the Chevron Corp. and also with Petroliam Nasional Bhd.

Galuccio’s 13 years working at Schlumberger resulted in a new and successful overall production model that combined customer rates with the increase in the company’s production. To facilitate investment from the private sector, he created a different type of service incentive contracts known by the acronym CIEP

The Mexican government took a huge leap forward in this new global venture in the energy market with an extremely successful auction for rights to deep water oil that had the Chevron Corp. and the Exxon Mobil Corp. as big winners.

The goal for Mexico is to have this act as a springboard to get more outside investors from every continent to fund the growth and development of oil and gas reserves all throughout Latin America.

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Discovering the Hottest Hotels to Stay at in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands has a lot of wonderful hotels for visitors that are trying to make the best of their time away from home. A vacation to the islands is something that a lot of people like to invest in. When tourists come to the Cayman Islands they will find more than a few pleasurable spots that they can choose for their lodging while away from home.

One of the hottest spots in the Cayman Islands has been the Ritz-Carlton. This is the top of the line when vacations want a luxury spot that has all the perks. This is a hotel that has private balconies, a spa and a golf course. People that decide to make the most of their vacation to the Cayman Islands will take interest in experiencing the best of luxury. There are also fitness rooms for people that want to work out.

Another spot that seems to get a lot of accolades in the Cayman Islands are Grand Cayman beach hotels like Ken Dart’s Kimpton Seafire. Celebrities like Orlando Bloom and Bill Paxton have been sighted near there. It is not uncommon for movie directors to shoot movie scenes in the Cayman Islands so star sightings can be fairly common. People that come to this location for lodging will find that there are tour operators that provide guests with things like scuba excursions and kayaking. There are also opportunities for people to play golf or retreat to a spa. Guests can really enjoy themselves here when they visit the nearby shops if they are looking for souvenirs.

When it comes to business, there are a lot of businesses in the Cayman Islands. Stingray Charters, for example, is a business that gives people access to the Cayman Islands in a way that brings the sea to life. The Cayman Luxury Property Group is like another business in the Cayman Islands that people may consider if they would like to buy or rent property in the Cayman Islands.

When it comes to tourism the Governor’s Beach is an obvious spot for people that are interested in getting sand in their toes. The Pedro St. James National Historic Site is a spot for those that are interested in the history of the Cayman Islands. There are a lot of other spots like Cayman Crystal Caves and Seven Mile Beach that tourists also like to visit. The island provides a ton of incredible experiences.

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What Investors Look For In NYC Urban Real Estate Development

New York urban real estate is consistently expanding and creating substantial revenue for the city. Furthermore, urban real estate development is a becoming the face of NYC with commercial and real estate landscaping. Joe Sitt of T hor Equities and other investors are putting their money forth for the development of new property are looking for the right property and New York is always a favorite. Investors are also looking for a substantial revenue with their real estate investments. More importantly, a good investment will include good tenants that will not damage or destroy your their property because that is a significant part of their investment.

Urban New York City Real Estate Developers

Tadao Ando is a major power player in NYC urban real estate development. Their elegant condominiums contribute to the New York timeline. They are committed to working with other key developers including Leny that will bring a new 35 story residential tower to 35th street. They are interested in development investors that will continue to allow purity from the architecture of master designers. They currently having investment holdings of over $5.75 million dollars in assets. There is something special to each one of their designs.

If you noticed a contemporary Asian design in recent New York development, this can be contributed to SCDA Architects. As well as being a high profile development their fine group of architects double as interior, landscaping, and product designers. They provide a wide range of services to ensure that you get luxury development opportunities every time. In fact, they will be designing and co-designing several properties in New York. There most popular design will be a 38-story residence tower that will be located on 59th street. Their developments recently won an award from the British Institute Of Architects.

Sorgente Group Of America is a very popular New York developer with the lovely Veronica Mainetti being very competitive as a female in a male dominated industry. She is responsible for a $4.58 million condominium conversion in the Tribeca area. Her real estate development team focuses on historical restorations and preservation’s in New York. They are also interested in eco-friendly development that will eliminate organic compounds used in most development properties located in New York. Their motto is sustainability, affordability and efficiency. Mainetti will continue to be one of the highly sought after players in New York urban real estate development.

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Giving Hope Through Urban Real Estate Development to New York City Neighborhoods

Urban renewal generally referred to as revitalization of land in different areas of moderate to high-density urban land use. Over the year’s urban renewal has become based on more renovation and investment than on destruction.

New York City’s landscape is now becoming a-thing-of-the-past with deteriorating and dilapidated buildings and landscapes in many neighborhoods. Joe Sitt, an investor in real estate, the founder of Ashley Stewart, a retail chain, Town Residential, a brokerage firm in Manhattan, and Thor Equities, has invested in the cause for renewing the irreparable urban squalor that was once the neighborhood.

The Center for Urban Real Estate is the moving force behind this rejuvenation and they now have numerous amounts of builders and banks to help with the projects. Goldman Sachs’ Urban Investment Group has invested $26 million for the renovation of Golden Heights.

Cook and Fox Architects along with the Durst Organization have completed a project of a Front Street landmark that now looks like it will become a tourist mecca once again.

The Carnegie Corporation, the Center for Urban Real Estate and a Columbia University professor and real estate development expert have been instrumental in revitalizing Lower Manhattan.

Many well-known celebrities have been involved in the urban real estate development program in their own homes and their former neighborhoods. People like Tyra Banks, Jon Bon Jovi, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Brooke Shields, Harrison Ford, and news anchorman Anderson Cooper have renovated their own dwellings, spending their own money to help set a precedence for the future neighborhoods.

In the heart of New York, between 10th and 12th Avenues from West 30th to West 34th, you will find Hudson Yards. For decades Hudson Yards was isolated by a massive open rail yard but is now being turned into a convenient neighborhood which with the introduction of the new mass transit will become the center of the metropolitan region. This will be a place for communications and art as well as a hub for fashion, and design. Hudson Yards is now the home of Google and other digital media and technology firms.

New York had a choice and they made an investment in the renewal of run-down neighborhoods that is paying for itself. Now there are new places to live and work, have a better life and has engendered hope for these neighborhoods that had long ago lost hope. Now they have a new and improved neighborhood in which to live and grow.

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