Bringing Communities Together

Bringing the community together can be monumental, literally – Washington D.C. recently opened monument, Martin Luther King Memorial, that represents a nation full of commmunity, hope and prosperity.   Bringing communities together can be a simple as going to the city park, swinging on the swings, and meeting your neighbor.

The Great Meadow’s Foundation is dedicated to perserving open spaces and having a monumental impact on community togetherness and innovative thoughts.   The Great Meadow’s Foundation is a non-profit organization that  not only preserves scenic beauty, but provides youth education and sports activities.  The organization was founded by philanthropist Arthur W. (Nick) Arundel in 1982.  His goal was to help the community keep togetherness as the surrounding cities began expanding into the area. The Great Meadow’s Foundation is the home of the Virginia Gold Cup (spring) and International Gold Cup (fall) race – With an annual July 4th celebration and the Great Meadow Polo Club.

The Virginia Gold Cup will take place on May 5 and all the tickets for the event will go toward The Great Meadow’s Foundation.

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