How to Take Care of a Bonsai Tree

Bonsai tree care changes with the seasons. Bonsai trees can make great decoration, but can be hard to take care of. In the winter the bonsai tree wants to escape the cold.  In the summer the Bonsai tree want shelter from the Sun. In other words, the Bonsai tree wants perfect weather all the time.

The Spring and the Fall are two great seasons to be a bonsai tree owner.

Spring Bonsai Tree Care

  • Do a thorough check of your tree to ensure it has come through the winter with health. Check the roots for rot and check the branches and fine twigs for any damage.
  • Decide whether your pot needs repotting, if it requires a larger home particularly.
  •  Nurseries receive Bonsai from overseas often during Spring – could be a season to take on a new project!
  • Evergreen Bonsai should be given fertiliser in early Spring.
  • Towards the end of Spring, deciduous Bonsai will need to be pruned/pinched.

3 Bosai Tree Warnings:

  1. Do not keep your Bonsai under a plastic roof! These types of roof absorb heat and can kill your Bonsai.
  2. Do not keep your Bonsai near brick walls or metal walls etc. These also reflect heat
  3. NEVER water your tree’s leaves or foliage in hot weather, direct sun or windy days. Leaf burn will occur!

Source:  Bonsai Made Easy

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Natural Gas and the Environment

Energy from shale is produced by a method of drilling called hydraulic fracturing. What is hydraulic fracturing, often referred to as “fracking,” is a process the released thousands of gallons of mostly water and sand deep beneath the earth’s surface in order to fracture shale rock formations, which then releases natural gas.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that  global warming climate changes will happen over night, creating an urgency to omit carbon emissions completely and as quickly as possible. However, cutting oil completely and quickly, would not only have a substantial impact on the economy, cutting oil quickly is considered completely unnecessary.  Over time, we can start to transition from oil to natural gas while using more alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, or nuclear to cut use of methane emissions. Until then, we can focus on current transitions and learn best practices when managing oil and gas reserves.

Gas and goal effectively compete in the electricity generation market. The comparison of the two fuels comes down to how efficient each fuel is in making electricity. The superior efficiency of gas in electricity generation doubles the heat content advantage of gas over coal. Therefore, natural gas is more efficient when used for heating. Methane emissions much be five times larger than they currently are before gas substitutes (whether gas from shale or conventional gas) becomes vital from a global warming perspective.


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Taking Energy Initiatives

Climate change is evident. The environment is changing and evolving just like it has in the past and will continue to change as long as man lives on Earth. But you don’t have to believe in global warming to start taking energy initiatives.  Learning to conserve energy is important to the economy and the future of our environment.  If you don’t believe in climate change, then just focus of saving money.

Energy Education tweeted, “You don’t have to believe in climate change to solve it,” says Lovins. “Everything we do to raise energy efficiency will make money, improve security and health, and stabilize climate.” “will make money, improve security & health & stabilize climate” – Amory Lovins.

By 2050 two billion additional people will live on Earth. Those two billion people will want to live and drive just like us.  Can you imagine the world with two billion more people? The pollution? The energy usage? The climate change? Imagine the traffic jams. Energy policies are needed to regulate energy usage because, with so many more people, we won’t be able to control the climate change unless we start now.

Think about it this way, just last August,  a traffic jam (you might be familiar), on the main north-side highway from Beijing to Inner Mongolia, stretched 60 miles and moved at the speed of 2 miles per day.  It took 10 days to recover from the jam.You don’t have to believe in global warming to believe in taking energy initiatives that will ultimately save you money.


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