How to Recycle Foam

Foam ban supporters often don’t realize foam products can easily be recycled. In fact, foam products are recycled everyday. Small business use foam products because foam is convenient, lightweight, and affordable. In the foodservice industry, customers appreciate foam product’s superior insulation properties.

Dart Container Corporation has foam recycling centers nationwide. Each year, Dart recycles enough energy to heat over 105,000 homes. Dart offers programs to make the recycling foam process easy for any organizations. The CARE (Cups Are REcyclable) and Recycla-Pak program provide organizations with the tools they need in order to recycle foam properly. When foam is recycled properly, it can be used to make products such as hangers, picture frames, architectural molding, and more.

Instead of banning foam, implement citywide initiatives to recycle foam. In California, more than 40 cities offer curbside foam recycling programs. Today, recycling is a thriving industry. Recycling doesn’t just create jobs, it creates career opportunities.

Misleading information can hide important facts about Styrofoam™.  Polystyrene foam is sometimes mistakenly referred to as Styrofoam™, a registered trademark of the Dow Chemical Company. PS foam is recycled by following a step by step process – Below is a list of recycling methods from

How to recycle PS foam from a post-consumer/end user:

  1. Separate the foam items from other material (e.g. paper, cans, bottles, other plastics).
  2. Make sure the items are clean.
  3. Drop off the recyclable material at one of Dart’s Recycling facilities.

How the PS foam recycling process works:

  1. The foam products are collected and bailed or densified.
  2. The foam is transported to a recycling center.
  3. The foam is inspected and sorted on a conveyer.
  4. The conveyer transports the foam to a grinder where the material is broken down into fluff.
  5. The fluff is stored in a silo and mixed with other foam.
  6. The mixed foam is sent to an extruder. The extruder compresses and heats the fluff until it becomes molten (liquid).
  7. The molten foam is then squeezed through the pelletizer where a spinning blade chops the foam into pellets. The pellets are then cooled and placed in a dryer to remove excess water.
  8. The pellets are packaged. They can then be used, just like original raw material, to manufacture again.
  9. The packages are shipped to manufactures of recycled-content products.

For more myth busting facts, visit to learn more about the differences between foam and paper products.

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McCall Farms Inc. Expands

McCall Farms Inc., producer of Southern canned and frozen vegetable foods, announced expansion of existing operations in Florence County, South Carolina. The company plans to invest $10.6 million dollars, which will generate 80 new jobs over the next three years.

“We are excited to see our company expand again in Florence County. Our business has grown significantly and we have a wider reach than ever. South Carolina has been a great home for our company, providing an excellent business environment and a fantastic workforce. We look forward to continuing to build on our success and appreciate all the support we’ve received from state and local officials,” said Marion Swink, president of McCall Farms Inc.

McCall Farms ships food to retailers, foodservices and industrial customers through the U.S. South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said, “South Carolina continues to be the place to do business, and we see that with expansions like this one by McCall Farms in Florence County. We celebrate the company’s decision to invest $10.6 million and create 80 new jobs. Announcements like this one show we are on the right track with our economic development efforts.”

McCall Farms expects to finish expansion this October. “Agribusiness continues to be the bright spot in South Carolina’s economy, adding new investments and creating jobs. The McCall Farms announcement is another great example of that,” said South Carolina Agriculture Commissioner Hugh Weathers. “A family business dating back almost 175 years, McCall Farms illustrates the importance of supporting existing agribusiness expansion in the state. I am proud to work with the Swink family and to help encourage their significant contribution to our state’s economy.”

McCall Farm’s produces its products on its 2,000-acre South Carolina farm. McCall also contracts with farmers in Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas for another 15,000 acres. Overall the company produces about 40 different products. The McCall Farms’ website is loaded with product information and ingredients.


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How to Remodel a Galley Kitchen

A galley kitchen remodel is easier than you think. A few tips on doing a galley kitchen remodel include, lighting, storage areas, and aisle width.


One of the biggest problems in a galley kitchen is the lighting. Some galley kitchens have natural light, whether it’s a sky light or a window, while other galley kitchen have nothing but florescent ceiling lights. In order to choose the best lights for your kitchen consider soft lights and lighting layers, e.g., set the first layer of lights beneath the cabinets and the second layer on the ceiling. This will not only give you more visibility when preparing food, it will also give your galley kitchen more depth.


Storage is extremely important in a galley kitchen. Galley kitchen can easily get cluttered. One way to solve this problem is to hide fixtures like the refrigerator and the dishwasher behind cabinets making your galley kitchen look larger and feel cleaner. Keep the kitchen countertops open. Keep maybe one or two essentials in the corner and put the rest of your essentials in easy-to-access cabinet drawers.


Having space to move around is important. If possible, the aisle width should be about 4-6 feet. This will give you enough room to move. Next, you want to organize your space. Develop a layout designating certain areas for a breakfast nook, a cleaning station, a cooking station, etc…Don’t forget the floors. Too often, people renovate their kitchens and forget about the floor. In a galley kitchen, lighter color flooring will help your kitchen look bigger and enhance the width of the aisle.


Visiting a kitchen cabinets outlet can help you find affordable options for your kitchen. Renovating your kitchen can be expensive; however, there are hundreds of ways to save. Researching the style, shopping at outlets, and/or finding the right contractor, can make the remodeling process easier and less expensive. Deciding when to remodel your kitchen is the first step. Don’t wait any longer; start building your dream kitchen now!

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