Remolding with Materials that Last

Everyone knows that remodeling your kitchen or bathroom can be a huge headache. First, remodeling isn’t like a trip to target for a few new accessories. Remodeling is expensive. Not to mention, the decision you make now, is a decision you’ll have to live for years. So before you pick out your granite countertops, research and consult with experts.

Traditionally, higher-end countertop materials are used in kitchens. Common materials are concrete, granite, limestone, marble, and stainless steel. These materials are even migrating more and more into bathrooms. When choosing the best countertop for you, take into consideration the wear-and-tear a typical kitchen must endure.

Counter Intelligence is the leading granite and silestone countertop expert in the Washington DC area. According to Counter Intelligence, granite is one of the most durable materials on the market for kitchen countertops. Counter Intelligence experts know what material is best for you.

About Granite

Granite was formed billions of years from volcanic molten magma heating and cooling. Granite is not only durable, but beautiful as well. Each slab of granite is unique in color and pattern – each having a character of their own.

Granite has naturally occurring pits and fissures; however, counter experts have developed techniques to filled in the resins that increase the strength and improves the appearance. Granite can also be susceptible to stains if it isn’t treated properly. Through a unique process, Counter Intelligence provide granite countertops that are protected from stain with out jeopardizing the quality of the stone.

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