Update your Home with a New Entry Door

Your front door is one of the most important parts of your home. It is one of the first things people look at when coming toward your house. It is the main entry point for all visitors and is also the main barrier to keep unwanted guests out. In addition, your front door can be an effective barrier to outside temperature changes; keeping the temperature of your home manageable with the help of your air conditioning system. Lastly, a good front door can help the resale value of your home or detract from it, depending on what shape it is in.

Your front door can say a lot about you. A ragged looking, unkempt door may not provide the impression you want to present to visitors. You will want an entry door that is warm and inviting. If your front door is not presenting the image you want or has just gotten to the point that it needs to be replaced, now is the time to act as the weather warms up.

Entry door installation is easy to do and the benefits gained from the new door can be substantial. New designs and manufacturing processes have made the selection of doors vast and have improved the insulation properties, as well as, created unique looks that will make your house pop. A new installation will add to the resale value as an added bonus.

The easiest way to install a new front door is to call a contractor to come do the work for you. This is the way to go if you don’t have carpentry skills or the proper tools for the job. However, if you do have the skills, you can tackle the job with confidence and have it finished before evening guests arrive for the party.

You will want to buy the best door you can afford. Look for steel doors that provide strength for your personal safety and high R-values to reduce your air conditioning and heating costs. You can also get wood and aluminum, but keep in mind what you want your door to say about you and your house.

You can get entry door installation instructions online or can go to your local big box lumber store and use their in store professionals to teach you. Either way you will be making a home improvement that will return big dividends.

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Coordinated Chemistry Yields Green Solutions for More Efficient Gas Storage

Metal Organic Frameworks (commonly called MOFs) are intricate crystal structures that can store or separate individual elements in a highly efficient manner. MOFs are materials made by linking inorganic and organic units together with strong bonds formed through coordination chemistry. MOFs are not only leading the way in providing clean technology solutions, but are actively being explored by the energy, transportation, and pharmaceutical industries to deliver new applications (for energy storage).

Since the technology was introduced, scientists have found applications for gas separation and storage as well as other promising applications within the green industry. Framergy™ is a company on the cutting edge of this industry. Their new class of MOFs has been built from the nano-level to more closely mimic nature thereby leveraging the attributes of MOFs to increase working capacity and stability.

Because MOFs have the highest surface area known to man, extreme amounts of a selected element, like methane, can be separated and stored within them opening up new energy solutions for gas storage at low pressure.

MOFs began as a solution for the hydrogen vehicle. In 2012, framergy’s Chief Scientific Advisor and founder, Hong-Cai “Joe” Zhou of Texas A&M University was awarded his second highly selective ARPA-E award to develop MOFs for low-pressure vehicle storage of natural gas.

Once thought of as impossible, in less than two years, these exclusively licensed materials have increased performance (the selection, storage, and applicability) of MOFs through rational design, while reducing costs 4,000 fold. In addition, framergy has developed water and ACID-stable MOFs for industrial performance.

Source: Enn.com

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American Energy Sources

The terms energy and fuel are on our minds constantly, and you might find yourself wondering where does the energy come from.  Here is a quick list of some types of energy we have here in the US and some sources for it.

Nuclear Power

It may sound very scary, and after what happened to Fukushima a few years back, we may be a little apprehensive about it.  BUT, Nuclear Power is actually very clean and rather safe.  The accidents are very rare (one of the lowest if not the lowest in the energy industry) but the media likes to harp on them.  Nuclear Power produces lots of electrical energy for American consumers, such as those who get their power from Nine-Mile Point in New York.

Oil and Gas

One of America’s biggest industries.  Oil and gas are great boosts to the economy, and provide lots of jobs, and of course energy.  Drilling efforts are proceeding all over the United States, in order to provide consumers with energy, with the world’s most efficient source of it.  Companies such as Cunningham Energy drill horizontal shaft oil wells and focus on American drilling efforts and get all their oil from here in the US.

Wind Power

This form of energy has been around for a while (windmills anyone) and is expanding across the Midwest and West Coast of the United States.  Wind Power is used to generate electricity and requires lots of room in order to be able to operate, making it not ideal for urban areas.  Texas has been having an expansion of wind power, with the introduction of more wind farms such as The Roscoe Wind Farm, which is the third largest wind farm in the United States.

Solar Power

The power of the sun.  Solar energy uses sun absorbing panels in order to generate electricity, or heat certain areas.  In a few countries, solar panels are used to heat water for things like hot showers.  California is very involved in incorporating solar power into their energy use, and have just recently finished construction on the Ivanpah Solar Power Facility in San Bernardino.


The truth is without it what would we do?  Most other energy sources are specifically used for generating more electric energy.  Whether turning a light on, or your car on, electricity is needed everywhere.

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