Dealing with a Raccoon in the House

Raccoons are small mammals that are typically the size of a large cat, or small dog. There are silver in color with black stripes on their tails and the tell-tale “mask” of black hair around their eyes. Although a raccoon may look cute and cuddly they can actually be quite vicious and troublesome. If a homeowner finds themselves face to face with a raccoon that has entered into their home then they should seek the help of a professional in order to have them get rid of raccoons in their home.

What Leads Raccoons into the Home?
Raccoons are attracted to homes for various reasons. It could be the smell of food, the scent of another raccoon, a place out of the rain, or even for warmth. They are very good at finding their way into a home. A loose basement window, a rotted piece of roofing, or even a poorly installed window screen can all provide entry into a home by a raccoon. When they make their way into a home they immediately will search out food; ripping apart trash bags, food containers, and even opening refrigerators. They will also urinate and defecate throughout the home.

Raccoon Removal
Pest control professionals have several different ways of removing unwanted raccoons from a house. The most common method is by introducing a trap in the house. Most of the traps that pest control professionals use allows for the capture of a live raccoon. The raccoon is lured into the trap via bait and, once they are fully inside the trap, the door closes and they are stuck in there. The pest control professional then takes the loaded trap out into the wilderness and releases the raccoon back into their environment.

Raccoons can be a nuisance. A raccoon in a homeowner’s house can be quite destructive. They can also carry the rabies virus that can be harmful to humans and to pets as well as livestock. It is important for a person that has a raccoon in their home to contact a professional that has all of the necessary equipment and protection to allow themselves to safely extradite the raccoon from the house without injury to themselves or to the raccoon. This way the homeowner can rest assured that the pest control professional can take care of their pest problem in a quick and efficient manner.

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Growing Popularity of North American Shale Basins

The shale oil movement in North America has been increasing in popularity due to its positive impact on the local economies, the stability it brings to the national energy reserves and other Westernized nations, and overall efficiency in the location and extent of these shale oil basins.

Shale oil deposits have been well-known and documented for some time but not well-explored or mined due to concerns regarding the profitability of these oil reserves. Shale oil is more costly to extract than other oil deposits and requires specialized technologies such as horizontal fracturing to mine. Further, these deposits are not easily accessed through individual oil wells and require a series of oil wells to mine.

Over time, new technologies and coordination between shale oil explorers like Cunningham Energy, an independent oil and gas producer who has been a major player in several shale oil deposits, have led to improved yields and cost efficiency. In addition, the location of these shale oil basins, such as the Utica Basin in western New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, are close to many population centers. As a result, a more efficient transfer of newly mined shale oil to consumers occurs, contributing to a lower price of the commodity and increased usage of oil and gas.

Many of the major deposits of oil around the world are in areas that are considered politically unstable such as the Middle East, Venezuela, and Russia. Shale oil basins in North America are located in the United States and Canada, two stable and advanced economies. This stability is essential for allowing oil producers to plan ahead and deploy costly machinery to extract oil with greater efficiency.

Further, Western countries can shift their dependencies towards these nations as opposed to supporting international leaders who may be guilty of human rights violations. This has led to an increased popularity in these North American oil basins.

Finally, the United States have become increasingly reliant on the tax revenues that the North American shale oil basins have generated. These tax revenues have allowed states to expand various social service programs and meet deficits in their budgets with greater frequency, which has led to an increased popularity in these shale oil basins.

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Removing Rodents from Your Home

The winter season is typically when various rodents seek warmth and food that can often be found in a residential home. Common pests that are found in a home during winter include spiders, rats, raccoons, cockroaches, and mice. The house mouse is the most common rodent and is typically found in the attic and basement of a home. A mouse is capable of damaging drywall and chewing on electrical wire. You will need to take various steps to address rodent issues in a residential home.

Mice are bad to have in a residential home for many reasons. One of the main reasons is a mouse often capable of spreading diseases, such as tapeworms and salmonella. A mouse can easily chew into boxes of food that is near the ground. This includes bags of good meant for a pet. If you see damaged food or droppings anywhere in your home, then one or more mouse is present. These pests are able to fit into a variety of small cracks and areas that are about the size of a dime.

Pests can be removed from a home using various methods. The most common is to set traps to snare or kill pests when attracted by bait. However, dead rodents need to be taken out of the home. This is often not a fun task for many people. Another method to remove rodents from a home is to deter them with a clean home and keeping smelly trash outdoors. One type of natural deterrent that will prevent pests out of a home is set cotton balls around the home that have a few drops of peppermint oil.

The best option to address any rodent problem in a home is to get one or more cats. The best option for a homeowner is a cat that can stay indoors and outdoors. One thing to keep in mind is some indoor cats may not want to hunt for mice in a home. Another thing to keep in mind is some cats may consider any mouse in a home as a toy. If you have a property that is large or out in the country, then set up boxes to attract barn owls. Barn owls will feed on any rodents they find. Anyone who keeps a snake as a pet might want to set live traps to catch rodents that can be used as a source of food.

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