Environmentally Sound Drilling in Big Injun Sand Formation

Cunningham Energy, an independent, oil exploration and drilling company, has recently announced plans to expand on their horizontal drilling through the Lion Paws project. The company has determined to drill four new horizontal wells in West Virginia’s Clay County. These new wells will be aimed at the Big Injun Sand formation which is located in the Union district of the county.

Cunningham Energy, an energy company dedicated to efficient energy production, plans on using the effective and advanced components of horizontal drilling to tap into previously unused portions of the formation, while maintaining environmental conditions as well as promoting the proliferation and continuation of the economy in the area. Their dedication to improving the usage of the Big Injun Sand formation, without undo environmental disturbances, will assist in the continued growth of the United States gas and oil industry and ensure America holds its’ own in the specific field throughout the globe.

Horizontal drilling allows the company to not only hit the formation with minimal environmental effects, but also enables a high stimulation effect on the reserves which can encourage a higher output then that of vertical drilling. Areas within the Big Injun that have previously been unable to produce due to area, geology, or other issues; can easily be drawn with this advanced drilling technique. Not only is horizontal drilling an effective method, it also enables Cunningham Energy to reach a vast area of the formation by drilling from a single pad, thus creating a lesser effect on the environment while reaching maximum producing capacity. Through advances, drilling horizontally also allows rigs to have a higher production rate when dealing with low permeability products. This then allows everything to be used in the area, saving on time, money, as well as environmental effect.

Through their dedication to the environment as well as the production of energy efficient resources, Cunningham Energy is forging ahead of the pack. The Lions Paw project will assist in not only providing essential resources to the country, it is also an excellent example of modern advances and the positive effect they have on the production of essential day to day components. Cunningham Energy is an excellent example of a company who works to conserve and protect the natural environment while meeting the demands of the global economy, as well as a high standard of ethic and business moral.

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