The Green Side of Styrofoam Products

Foam cups, initially developed to minimize the spread of bacteria and food-borne pathogens, have many benefits. From better insulating a beverage to having less of an environmental impact than paper cups, foam cups serve an important role in most of our daily lives.

In addition to protecting either the carbonation of a soft drink or the warmth of a hot drink, the increased insulation of foam cups decreases the amount of waste. For example, consumers often use two paper cups at a time or the addition of a cardboard sleeve with a paper cup to protect their hands and keep their beverages warm where a single foam cup would be sufficient.

Using two paper cups at a time produces twice the amount of solid waste by volume than that of a single foam cup and five times as much by weight. Those restaurants and food service stores offering paper cups ultimately create double the amount of waste by not using foam cups.

In addition, from an environmental perspective, one should also consider the materials and energy used from producing paper cups versus foam cups. The emissions created from incinerating paper cups or disposing of them in landfills exceeds the environmental repercussions of both making and disposing of foam cups.

And lastly, when we compare foam-ware with a comparison to permanent-ware, consider the energy usage, water and amount of chemical detergent we must use to wash all the reusable ceramic, glass or plastic cups.

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Joint Venture in the Works for Top US Energy Companies

The energy industry has been very interesting to watch lately with all of the new global developments. Many companies are moving forward in the energy industry with innovative ideas and ventures. It is exciting to see all of these new companies flourish and it is even more exciting to see these companies join forces to usher in a new era in the energy markets. There are companies that are really rising to the top in the energy sector, and it is great to see these companies bring in new developments in the world of energy.

Privately owned gas producer, Cunningham Energy based in West Virginia, is teaming up with BE Resources in a joint venture that is sure to create some positive market movement in the future. This joint venture is being created to acquire 425 acres of oil fields in West Virginia. This will not only prove to be financially rewarding for the companies involved in this joint venture, but it will also be rewarding for the individuals and local economies involved with the sale of this land. There is a lot of land to be purchased, and it is sure to bring somewhat of an economic boom to those who are living in these areas of West Virginia.

To comply with joint venture policies, these companies will have to release news each 30 days describing the new activities that are going on in the organization. This will help the general public to have more of an opinion of this newly formed joint venture. These regulations are in place to not only keep the joint venture in check, but to also give the general public an opportunity to create their own views upon what is taking place in their local community.

It seems as though this new joint venture is creating a lot of buzz in the local communities of West Virginia, and also in energy sector. Needless to say, this joint venture is moving forward with great momentum, and many great things are still yet to come. This joint venture will create new opportunities in the local communities of West Virginia, while also giving a breath of fresh air into the somewhat stale energy marketplace.

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Riverstone Will Raise Funds For New Energy Vehicles

Riverstone Holdings is setting up an energy debt fund to help combat the recent drop in oil prices. In fact, oil prices have dropped so much that the energy markets have completely closed up to new ventures. There is no way for people to confidently invest in new energy ventures unless those ventures are in new energy.

Riverstone Holdings has chosen to raise up to $7.5 billion to see if they can move the markets in a better direction. The fear of lowering oil prices is causing many energy companies to wonder if they need to move to renewable energy now before it is too late. There are oil fields closing or reducing their operations all over the world due to this drop in prices, and this could lead the world to renewable energy faster than expected.

As Riverstone looks to raise all this money, they are intent on making certain that they have options outside of watching their resources dry up with the lowest oil pries that we have seen in decades. Riverstone hopes to guide its partners in ways that will help all of them to improve their position in the market. There are many companies that must make changes if they want to survive this downturn in oil prices.

This is the first big initiative from a major energy company, and it will likely not be the last. There are many ways for companies to recover from these low prices. Everyone knows that the oil prices will trend upward again, but no one can guarantee that they will ever be as high as they once were. Energy companies are going to have to change their ways if they want to become solvent for many years to come.

When Riverstone Holdings takes in this credit, they will be able to help stabilize the energy markets. The energy markets are fluctuating every day, and this assistance will change the way that people approach the business of energy. New energy and renewable energy are going to become the new standards, but first credits like these must go through to assist faltering companies.

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South Dakota Officials Plan To Frame New Rule to Stop Spread of Invasive Species


It has been found that officials in South Dakota are trying hard to make some moves in order to slow the spread of invasive species in the waterways. As of now, the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Commission has proposed several regulations to prevent introduction of the invasive species and also to slow the spread of existing populations.

As per one of the suggested proposals, the conservation officers will have to remove the vegetation and all aquatic invasive species from a boat and trailer. The officer will also have to require all drain plugs and related devices be opened or removed from boats when being transported.

In another part of the plan, the department secretary will place restrictions on a body of water when an invasive species is found.

It has been informed that the GFP commission will finalize the proposal on March 5 or 6 during its meeting in Pierre after taking comments.

The state Game, Fish and Parks Commission has said it wants a strong strategy developed for protection against aquatic invasive species such as zebra mussels and quagga mussels spreading in South Dakota’s public waters.

According to one commissioner, Gary Jensen of Rapid City, the response might go as far as to require roadside inspections at the state borders of trailer boats being pulled into South Dakota.

The species could have been mistakenly carried by vegetation and water in boats that have been present in the infected water bodies.

Jensen called for GFP’s fisheries staff to study the topic in greater depth, including analysis of other states’ programs. The commission has finally agreed Thursday to give staff the directions.

The commission has even agreed with the fisheries staff’s recommendations to propose new aquatic invasive species regulations.

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