McCall Farms Inc. Expands

McCall Farms Inc., producer of Southern canned and frozen vegetable foods, announced expansion of existing operations in Florence County, South Carolina. The company plans to invest $10.6 million dollars, which will generate 80 new jobs over the next three years.

“We are excited to see our company expand again in Florence County. Our business has grown significantly and we have a wider reach than ever. South Carolina has been a great home for our company, providing an excellent business environment and a fantastic workforce. We look forward to continuing to build on our success and appreciate all the support we’ve received from state and local officials,” said Marion Swink, president of McCall Farms Inc.

McCall Farms ships food to retailers, foodservices and industrial customers through the U.S. South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said, “South Carolina continues to be the place to do business, and we see that with expansions like this one by McCall Farms in Florence County. We celebrate the company’s decision to invest $10.6 million and create 80 new jobs. Announcements like this one show we are on the right track with our economic development efforts.”

McCall Farms expects to finish expansion this October. “Agribusiness continues to be the bright spot in South Carolina’s economy, adding new investments and creating jobs. The McCall Farms announcement is another great example of that,” said South Carolina Agriculture Commissioner Hugh Weathers. “A family business dating back almost 175 years, McCall Farms illustrates the importance of supporting existing agribusiness expansion in the state. I am proud to work with the Swink family and to help encourage their significant contribution to our state’s economy.”

McCall Farm’s produces its products on its 2,000-acre South Carolina farm. McCall also contracts with farmers in Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas for another 15,000 acres. Overall the company produces about 40 different products. The McCall Farms’ website is loaded with product information and ingredients.


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Healthy Living: Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Salmon

If you are looking for a healthy meal, one of my favorite healthy meals is roasted Brussels  sprouts, salmon, and potatoes. One of the reasons why I enjoy this healthy option is because there is little prep work and it only take about 10-15 min to cook.

Brussels sprouts – Set the oven for 450 degrees. Trim and cut the sprout into halves. Then place the Brussels sprouts on top of baking sheet and light cover with olive oil. Use about a 1/2 tablespoon of salt and 1/4 tablespoon of pepper.

Salmon – Place the salmon in the middle of the Brussels spouts. Lightly season the salmon with salt and pepper and then place the pan into the oven.

Optional – Use a large clove a garlic, either divide it or slice it up, and place it in the pan. You can all has a touch of oregano.  On the salmon, you have the option to squeeze lemon to give the salmon some extra flavor.

Potatoes – Cut potatoes into about 1 inch chunks, place cold water with salt in a stove-top pan, and boil. Once the potatoes get soft begin to mash the potatoes with your fork. Place butter and chopped garlic on top of the potatoes and stir.

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Cookies for Charity

We’ve all heard the saying “cooked with love,” but at Connie’s Bakery and General store, the saying “cooked with love,” is taken quite literally. The bakery donates 100% of its profits to charity.  Founded by successful attorney, entrepreneur, senior business executive and philanthropist, Connie Milstein, in 2005 people say Connie’s Bakery is like “Grandma’s Kitchen.

Connie said, “What I have tried to do is what my father always told me – find a niche where people are not doing what needs to be done and try to fill it.”

Connie believes in the principal of giving back to the country that has given so much to her. Connie is a Board member of Blue Star Families, and she actively works to support military families. “Adopt a Base” program that honors military families with special events and treats for children.

Connie’s Bakery and General Store has everything from your favorite old fashion cookies, cupcakes, cake, to gift baskets. Executive Pastry Chef Simeon Manber runs the entire baking operation everyday. Chef Simeon studied at the Culinary Institute of America, and he brings with him the most delicious deserts – A true work of art. Chef Simeon is compassionate about helping other, which makes him the perfect man to run this charitable operation.

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Old-Fashion Cookies for Valentine’s Day

Nothing is better than a batch of good ol’ fashion cookies – Chocolate chip, double chocolate chuck, and oatmeal raisin – to mention a few.  According to the Huffington Post, sweets are the way to go to let that special someone know that you care.   Homemade candy, brownies, cookies, cake pops, and flavored syrups are this year’s go-to Valentine’s Day treats.  For cookie lovers, Connie’s Bakery is the best place to find all your favorite old-fashion cookies that taste like they are baked right out of your mom’s stove.  The chocolate chip cookie has all the classic ingredients and the classic good-taste that you’re looking for when indulging into a good ol’ fashion cookie. The oatmeal raisin tastes just like a bowl of oatmeal topped with butter and cinnamon.  The double chocolate is to die for and made from fine Belgian chocolates with dash of espresso.

If you really want to impress your loved one, the best way to impress him or her is to bake the goodies yourself.  If you’re baking cookies try baking the cookies with alphabet cook cutters and spell out a message that would be something meaningful. Great examples are, I love you, be my valentine, and my one and only. Now all you need is a day at the farmer’s market and a quick trip to the grocery store to gather all the supplies – Flour, butter, sugar, eggs, +  your own ingredients and bon appetit!

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